In case you missed September’s luncheon from Ed Gerdes, Vice President and General Counsel of Café Yumm! and Joshua Proudfoot, principal of Good Company, about Oregon Benefit Companies, we have uploaded PDFs of their presentations for your review.
Ed and Joshua created Café Yumm!’s first-ever Benefit Company Report that was released on Earth Day in April 2015. This is the first year that benefit companies were required to file reports about the public benefit they provide. What is a Benefit Company? How do they differ from other companies? What are they doing, really? Does it cost more to operate as a Benefit Company? Why would I want to become one? How do I become one? Learn more about this unique Oregon law, review Café Yumm!’s Benefit Report, and learn what some other Benefit Companies have disclosed in their Benefit Reports.
Joshua Proudfoot’s presentation: GreenLane-BCoPresentation-090215