Essex General Construction is the latest business to earn Trout Friendly Landscape (TFL) status and complete a voluntary stormwater retrofit! Essex General Construction is located in West Eugene right along Amazon Creek. Owner Jon Texter was interested in updating the landscape on the property facing W. 7th Ave. When Jon found out about LTWC’s TFL Program, he was eager to receive our assistance. Sarah Whitney, LTWC’s registered landscape architect, advised Essex on how to implement the project in order to achieve TFL status and install a landscape that was beneficial for native wildlife and would filter stormwater before it entered Amazon Creek.


LTWC has the know-how to give businesses the knowledge and options to create a healthy, multi-functional landscape that’s the best fit for their business and habitat. If you’re interested in learning more about how your business can participate in Trout Friendly Landscapes and other opportunities, contact Sarah at 541-654-8965 or , or click here for a link to the brochure.