A Bridgetown Natural Foods employee inspects granola at the company’s Portland manufacturing facilities.

By Andy Giegerich, Sustainable Business Oregon editor

With the triple bottom-line’s economic component in mind, another wave of Oregon companies has begun attaining a coveted national sustainable business status.

The latest company to reach B Corporation status  is Bridgetown Natural Foods, which announced its achievement on Wednesday Bridgetown makes healthy, all-natural baked goods, nutrition bars and granolas for national food brands.

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Capital Pacific Bank also attained B Corp status this week.

“The wave of companies earning certification is exciting from Bridgetown’s standpoint, as it helps raise awareness for and an understanding of the meaning behind certified B Corporations,” said Dan Klock, Bridgetown’s CEO. “There’s a strong peer-to-peer network and collaboration happening among B Corps leaders, even across categories, which may fuel future innovation, and that this movement has blossomed as part of the economic recovery.”

Klock added that as more Oregon companies like his sign on to the B Corp model (as well as the state’s Benefit Company designation), “Manufacturing can thrive in an environmentally and socially responsible business model.”

Oregon has the second-highest density of B Corp companies in the country, noted Eric Friedenwald-Fishman, the Metropolitan Group founder and creative director who’s become one of the state’s leading sustainability certification advocates. Those companies employ nearly 3,000 people and count total revenue of $310 million.

“It’s sizable and it continues to grow,” he said.

The B Corp community is also becoming more galvanized. New Seasons has begun featuring product line names on ads that run on B Line delivery bicycles.

Bridgetown’s programs include “Bridges to Better Health,” an employee wellness program designed to help staff build sustainable, healthy lifestyles. The offering includes wellness and health classes that educate staffers about nutritious eating and meal planning with seasonal ingredients.

As part of the program, Bridgetown employees receive in-house currency to spend on fresh produce at the company’s biweekly employee farm stand.

Oregon counts 40 B Corps, up from 37 at the end of 2014.