Angie Marzano (Amiran White/ For The Register-Guard)

BRING Recycling’s (and GreenLane’s newest Board member) Angie Marzano is one of several GreenLane members to receive this year’s “20 Under 40” Award from the Register-Guard’s Blue Chip Magazine.  Other GreenLane members receiving the award this year include individuals from Pacific Continental Bank, the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Eugene, and Summit Bank.

Education: Bachelor of arts, political science and business administration, University of Oregon

Professional accomplishments: Develops, coordinates and implements programs to meet BRING’s strategic growth plans. Supervises and supports company’s Re:think Business Program. Represents company in public forums and works with public agencies, civic organizations and business groups.

Impact on the community: Served as special projects chair for the Association of Oregon Recyclers, helping pass a state bill to improve recycling practices. Serves on the board of the Greenlane Sustainable Business Network.

Motivation: “I come from a really small rural community. Neither of my parents attended college, but they always really motivated me to go. They were constantly pushing my sister and myself. College was always something my dad felt pretty passionate about reinforcing for us. Once I got my undergraduate degree done, I just think it was a personal motivation at that point to secure a career that would make it so, as a woman, I didn’t need to depend on anybody.”

Secret life: “I’m an avid runner, and I love to ski and hike, anything that involves being in the outdoors. I’m also an herbalist, I grow my own food. That’s really important to me. I teach my kids where food comes from and how it’s grown.”

Family: Husband, Michael; sons Geno, 8, and Dominic, 5.

Nominated by: Carolyn Stein, BRING Recycling executive director.

Why she is a rising star: “She has worked with dozens of Lane County businesses — from architecture firms to food manufacturers, on ways to minimize waste, save money and receive recognition for their efforts. Angie is also engaged in developing and growing new programs and revenue streams for BRING. Angie is a member of BRING’s executive team and plays a significant role in the management and overall direction of BRING’s business.”

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